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About Restore Tanks

Innovative, versatile, reusable and lightweight large capacity reservoirs. Our fully certified reservoir (patent pending) displays our commitment to best practice safety and environmental outcomes. Our standard design makes our reservoirs reusable and available in a variety of sizes, from 1ML to 7.2ML, with a maximum footprint as small as 5,000m2.

Standard erection time is only 3 days, and does not require the use of heavy machinery, working at heights, lifting or confined spaces, hence no high risk activities are involved in the installation process. Best environmental practice is also achieved by combining dual liner and leak detection system and minimising land use, earthworks and rehabilitation works. Another major safety advantage is that once erected, our reservoirs have no external stored energy. ReStore Environmental provides a turn key service from initial setout to land rehabilitation.

Our main focus was to create a modular fluid storage solution that can be easily assembled and disassembled and taken from site to site, hence making it very attractive for the storage of contaminated water resulting from the CSG operations. With this in mind we have designed, manufactured and installed a large capacity panel tank near Kogan. Our versatile design allows to create fluid storage in excess of 7Ml in areas as small as 5,000m2, with minimal earthworks and no permanent footprint. The reservoirs can be erected and dismantled indefinitely, and only take a few days to do so. All members of the structure and panels are light weight hence eliminating high risk activities during construction (such as work at heights, cranes, or forklifts). The reservoirs are lined with a dual membrane, and a direct connection to a leak detection system allows to monitor any defects in the liners and prevent environmental spills. Filling and emptying of the reservoirs is made via a manifold that is easily and safely accessible from ground level.

How it works

Our reservoirs are available in a variety of sizes

Our fully certified reservoir (patent pending) displays our commitment to best practice safety and environmental outcomes by utilising materials that provide strength and endurance whilst delivering a reusable product. ReStore tank panels are insulated to a R3.9 energy efficiency value. Our reservoirs are available in a variety of sizes.

large water storage tanks

Restore Pioneering

  • Safe construction through design
  • Environmental outcomes
  • Sustainable solutions
  • Community/landowner confidence


Safety and Service

  • Monitoring platformpanel tanks
  • Inlet/outlet manifold
  • Emergency ladder
  • Corrosion resistant Leak detection
  • No stored energy

Construction Advantages

  • No high risk activitiesbowen basin
  • 75% reduction in transport costs
  • No heavy machinery required
  • Quick, simple setup – 3 days
  • Lightweight panels are erected manually with ease

Environmental Focus

large water storage tanks

  • No wastage – reusable tank
  • Reclamation risk eliminated
  • Imported soils not required
  • Dual liners utilised
  • Leak detection monitoring



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